Consultations & Script Review

Storyline Partners will: Provide expertise to entertainment industry executives, writers, and showrunners to help them develop more authentic and impactful storylines on a variety of issues. Members of Storyline Partners consult as individual organizations, as well as jointly as part of the collective.

Storytelling Trainings & Workshops

Storyline Partners will: Produce and lead cultural sensitivity training on timely issues to support networks and studios, so that show content does not negatively impact our communities but, whenever possible, lifts them.

Issue-Area & Community-specific Presentations

Storyline Partners will: Provide writers rooms and other small- to medium-sized convenings of content creators, distributors, and other stakeholders to educate on our collective's expertise.

Connect with Members of Impacted Community

Storyline Partners will: Introduce content providers to individuals who have compelling untold stories, in order to inspire new storylines and add depth and accuracy to existing stories.