We act as a liaison and refer content creators to issue-specific experts to ensure that characters and stories are represented authentically and that they are nuanced and culturally relevant, and resonant. We believe that the promotion of authentic narratives can reduce discrimination and bias, and encourage a more inclusive and equitable society.

Do you have a character who is an undocumented immigrant? Writers can contact Storyline Partners, and we’ll connect them with experts, including attorneys and advocates, who can speak to legal-status issues. Not sure how to approach a scene that is set in the Middle East? We’ll connect a writer’s room with a partner that will ensure authenticity regarding languages, culture, religion, and history. Have a character struggling to manage work and family, caregiving or workplace bias? We can connect you to care, workplace and gender equity experts. Developing a new show committed to diverse representation but would like access to real-life experiences that help flesh out characters? For a list of services we provide, please consult our Services page.

"[ P ] Nam June Paik - Electronic Superhighway. Continental US, Alaska & Hawaii (1995)" by Cea. is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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