Storyline Partners is a diverse collection of organizations that collaborate with the entertainment industry to promote authentic, accurate and equitable cultural narratives in television and film.


Storyline Partners aims to increase the visibility of people who are often misrepresented and underrepresented in pop culture by fostering nuanced, authentic and dynamic stories that uphold the dignity of communities and accurately represent the world we live in. We believe that shifting narratives to be more accurate will reduce discrimination and bias, and build a more inclusive, just, and equitable society.


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Storyline Partners is a one-stop shop for writers, directors, and producers who would benefit from being connected to community and issue based organizations with extensive expertise as well as experience with the filmmaking process and television series development.

Have a character with DACA? Writers can contact Storyline Partners, and we’ll connect them with experts, including attorneys and advocates, on the front lines of this battle. Not sure how to approach a scene that is set in the Middle East? We’ll connect a writers room with a partner that will ensure authenticity regarding languages, culture, religion, and history. A new show committed to diverse representation but would love access to real-life experiences that help flesh out the characters? We can provide an efficient, credible, and comprehensive funnel to facts and untold stories about relevant communities and issues.

Storyline Partners can:



Provide expertise in critical, and often urgent, issues including immigration, racial justice, Muslim and LGBTQ representation, reproductive freedom, and issues involving intersectional complexity.


Connect our partners in the entertainment industry with people from communities that have compelling, untold stories to inspire new storylines and add depth and accuracy to existing stories.



Bring together leaders from the entertainment industry, entertainment strategists from established nonprofits, activists and directly impacted communities for robust conversations about the most impactful stories of our time.


Arrange salons with issue-area updates. Participants in all of these forums may include showrunners, writers, researchers, and executives. SP’s ultimate goal is culture change toward inclusivity achieved through authentic storytelling.